Tim’s new “office”

On March 7, 2011, in Long Drops, by jason

Tim's new office

Private and sheltered, complete with Tim’s latest reading material… 🙂


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  1. Anne says:

    Great tent design, and like the solid looking throne. I can see you also have catered for the reading and stock replacement storage needs! Hope it’s waterproof enough.

  2. AussieOregonHoJo says:

    Ouch ! The throne looks a bit uncomfortable ! You’d better be a fast reader. Stylish design though. I hope to see it in the next issue of an architecture journal. It must be well sheltered there as I don’t see any guywires countersupporting it. I would suggest adding a plastic padded seat. Sometimes those Women’s Weeklys have a lot of interesting articles in them.
    Overall, nice color. Does the door zip into place ?

  3. Julie says:

    Nice clean lines and very private. Tim is obviously a minimalist. Nothing superfluous to requirement here. A real bloke’s dunny! Brilliant!

  4. stephanie says:

    A coventiinal toilet tent or tent on it’s side?

  5. Ingrid says:

    Yes the seat could do with a bit of padding, but unfortunately it was the best we could do at the time with all the shops closed. (Mental note: must buy a spare toilet seat for future longdrop creations!) It’s very sheltered there, but there actually are guy ropes in place, so it should be ok in a bit of a storm. In saying that, the ground isn’t great to be hammering pegs into with all that liquefaction. It’s weatherproof, although this tent is actually designed as a shower tent it is quite breathable. And yes the door zips up, so it’s nice and private. There are boys magazines only, as only the boy takes that long in the toilet to even have time to read! 🙂

  6. Rickwyn in Briz says:

    Just love it, this is the best. Hope you don’t get too comfortable there and use the lid as a back rest. We use one of these tents with a port- a -loo when we go caravanning, and it is not a pretty sight if you get too comfortable and lean against the back wall. Magazine rack and loo paper replenishment is a great idea. We admire your wonderful sense of humour. Best wishes for your recovery

  7. way trendy!!! very urban-edge!

  8. Alice says:

    Excellent use of a spray tan tent!

  9. Denise says:

    Noticed the very thoughtful idea of a step for the small boys to stand on but was wondering if there is a small bottom seat attachment available for the girls ??

  10. letitia says:

    Well Tim I’m impressed with your toilet making ability important that you created a lid. I like that it is also weather proof and you could sit in private with the zip up while still having an air vent. Hope it was pegged down tightly though!

  11. Tammy says:

    WOW! Very impressed…you may have found a new calling Tim! Watch the botty…ouch!

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