The Throne

On March 21, 2011, in Long Drops, by jason

The Throne

Our stall was built out of… well our flat. Its made from the old roof iron, the shower curtain and a section of the fence we “recycled”, just don’t tell the landlord (I really hope she isn’t reading this).

It was quickly dubbed The Throne as our flat is known as The Jungle and when you sit out there you just feel closer to the environment, like the king of the jungle.

We never actually lost our water but that didn’t stop us letting visitors assume the inside toilets weren’t working. We’d then tell them to go wash their hands inside. :p

Spending time squatting over our now seat-less-indoor loo is surprisingly not that bad, this appart from the odd mid-night surprise when I forget.

The boy’s next plan is to put the Throne in a tree. We will all be the Kings of the Jungle.


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