Padded For Her Comfort

On March 8, 2011, in Long Drops, by jason

Padded For Her Comfort

Whipped up the morning after the quake out of an old outdoor chair, some old timber and a toilet seat that had been hanging around for some time. This long drop completes the outdoor bathroom, the end of the bath can be seen just to the right of the cane screen. The seat is vinyl and padded for an extra soft moment alone, privacy is provided by trellis and vines on one side and a combination of a cane screen and a shower curtain and is situated below a rhododendron. A hole was dug below and the sides taken up to seat level with a polystyrene container with the bottom removed in order to minimise drafts and pecks from inquisitive free ranging chickens who took great interest in it’s construction.


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    Woohoo!! Good stuff

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