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Our Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary

On March 8, 2011, in Long Drops, by jason

Our Sanctuary

Long drop complete with Rimu toilet seat, Hand Sanitiser. If you plan to stay awhile also a readily available are peaches and grapes within an arms length. When the orange Flag is out then the toilet is occupied.


135 Responses to Our Sanctuary

  1. Steve says:

    Best of the Lot ! Nothing beats being at one with nature ! Take it from an avid Camper/tramper

    • Justine says:

      Thanks Steve… it is Quite good -when you cant find the kids – they are one the loo.. then come out with a bunch of grapes… lol

  2. Kelli says:

    Absolutely brilliant..esp love that the kids and adults can pick grapes as they sit and ponder life on the bog!! As long as you don’t get hit on the head with peaches and grapes during an aftershock!

    • Justine says:

      Thanks Kelli… as yet no-one has been hit… and touch wood no-one has been on the loo during an aftershock…

  3. Mike says:

    Are you going to go back to using the plumbed one when it is available, or keep this one.

    • Justine says:

      lol…. this one is still up and being used during the daylight hours… Night time you get bitten by bugs.
      Hubby said he wants to keep it to get a sun tan while sitting.. lol
      this one will be up for a while yet – until the water and sewage is working properly.. then i spose we will have to assess the situation..
      But i do like having it in the back yard πŸ™‚

  4. marci says:

    best one of the lot!!! i love the combo of practicality and mother nature. the flag is a brilliant addition as you just dont want to be bothered pondering life, the universe and everything when nature calls. cheers from the tropics of queensland

    • Justine says:

      Thanks Marci… the flag is a great idea i must admit (hubby did well aye)…
      But i must say that it was a bit confusing when we had the gail force winds.. we had to ask if anyone was using it as the flag had a mind of its own …

  5. Lawrence Young says:

    If there were toilets in heaven…Is this what it would look like?

  6. caroline maier says:

    really made me laugh. thanks

    • Justine says:

      no problem.. making things light hearted is what you have to do – otherwise we would not make it thru the day….
      Enjoy !!!

  7. ruth says:

    i like this… after doing my business i can come out with a handful or peaches or a grapes πŸ™‚ Lo with rimu timber and sanitiser that will do me……..Lol !!

    • Justine says:

      lol – thanks… we do have a plum tree nearby aswell, but unfortunately the strong winds took them all…
      and well – you have to have a bit of luxury during this time… even if it is a rimu seat and sanitiser πŸ˜‰

  8. George says:

    I love it Justine, you guys have done a great job. Our thoughts are with you all from Tassie πŸ™‚

    • Justine says:

      Thanks George…
      it really does help knowing people are thinking of us (in nice ways – lol)
      You take care as well!!

  9. Granddad T says:

    OK Justine for your Nana T and me as a last resort. Vaughan did a great job — no pun intended.

  10. kelly says:

    I love the indoor outdoor flow. You can really feel “one” with nature as you go about your business

  11. Kiwi in Colorado says:

    This is definitely one of our favourites. Perhaps you could patent the design..?
    Thinking of everyone in Chch and in NZ at this time, from a Kiwi in Colorado, USA.

    • Justine says:

      Thanks fellow Kiwi’s… in Colorado… πŸ™‚
      I think that many designs will have to be patented after the last couple of weeks… it is whatever you have – use it … lol
      But thanks for the idea … You take care over there!!!

  12. lee & Dean says:

    Nice one! love the flag idea. I’ve told numerous people about your long drop … its quite a giggle and off course something to remember for years, and tell the grandkids!

    • Justine says:

      Thanks Lee & Dean… rememeber to tell your friends to vote after the giggle!!…lol
      Yes – will be something our children will remember for quite some time… being ALLOWED to go in the garden and not be told off… lol
      they will also for some time ask if water is “drinkable”.. it is quite funny listening to the little ones around here on that subject as well..
      Thanks again guys for your support!!

  13. stephanie says:

    Great photo, actually makes me want to use it this one!! Had to laugh about the wind and the flag, hope you get a more weather-proof option soon…. no actually hope you get facilities back soon!

    • Justine says:

      Thank you Stephanie :-)….
      I am glad I could make you laugh with the flag.. I must admit that day it was very confusing…lol
      We have not had to think about rain yet.. and weather proofing.. so yes i do hope we can go inside soon πŸ™‚

  14. mary says:

    A beautiful design with the added advantage of fresh fruit to maintain regularity

    The colours blend well with surrounding foliage and will be an inspiration for others,Well


    Cheers Mary

  15. Jill says:

    LOL wicked guys! Well done! I might pop over and try it out if our one craps out – no pun intended… lol
    Actually I have an idea for you to add another little accessory – a bucket of sawdust and a small shovel. If you drop in a shovel of sawdust it confuses the flies and they go to the neighbours … lol πŸ˜‰

    • Justine says:

      lol – Thanks Jill…
      You are more than welcome to come and use it… just allow a little longer travelling times due to the lovely new roading sysytem we have.. πŸ™‚
      We do have a shovel but it is out of the pic shot.. and we have sand (it came out of the hole) – but sawdust is an idea πŸ™‚

  16. Elise says:

    Hi there, I’m 9 years old and I live in Auckland and I have been looking at all the toilets on this website. I really like yours I think it’s one of the best but I’m glad I don’t have to go to the loo in my garden! : )

    • Justine says:

      Hi Elise – thank you for posting a comment πŸ™‚
      My family all live in Auckland including my niece’s age 8, & 10.

      If you were here i am sure you would find it all an adventure – my children 6, 8 & 12 all have coped very well… they have also made many new friends from this Earthquake – as they are still not allowed back at school they have been going to a kids club for a couple of hours for a few days – they have heaps of fun with other kids and i am sure if you were here – you would have a great time as well…
      But i must say – i am glad you dont have to go into the garden to go to the loo as well πŸ™‚
      Take Care Hun

      Kia Kaha (Be Strong) Kia Toa (Be Brave)

  17. Shelley says:

    What do you do if you want to go to the loo in an English country garden,
    you pull down your pants and you fart away the ants in an English country garden,
    Then you grab a leaf and you wipe your underneath in an English country garden
    so thats what you do if you want to go to the loo in an English country garden.

    I thought this was ideal for your Santctuary.

  18. Andrea Grocott says:

    Brilliant! The grapes should help to ‘hurry things along’ hee hee hee Bestr of luck to you!

    • Justine says:

      lol – thanks andrea.. we have grapes everywhere now.. we have given away two supermarket bags full and we still have two large containers on our bench as well as what is left on the vine..
      i am sure in a way they are hurry’ing theng along πŸ˜‰

  19. jo says:

    Hey Justine, there’s a side benefit to sitting on your “Sanctuary” with all of nature’s harvest around you….you could be planning to make commorative “earthquake wine” from the grapes, plums and other fruitful harvest round you……your shopping bags of grapes would be a good start…… and in 1 – 5 years time, when it’s had time to “mature”, you could have a special “earthquake memorial party” to celebrate…!!! We”ll share ours, if you share yours!!! Lol …..the other side of all this….people coming together…to help, support, share and eventually remember :o) Take care, Be safe, Keep the flag flying!! lol

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