John’s John

On March 6, 2011, in Long Drops, by jason

John's John

Garden setting with lemon scent from accompanying tree. Fun fish view for privacy. This lift the spirits in testing times.


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  1. patsy says:

    absolutely brilliant – natural smell from lemons and the colourful fish curtain makes this a place one can be at peace!!

  2. Kiwi Dot From Gold Coast says:

    A kiwi classic, the lemon tree would be delightful to sit beside. The fishy curtain gives you something to look at and would possibly deter “critters” – didn’t know they still made those type – I’d keep this one for prosperity

  3. John The Creator says:

    Note the bubble wrap below the seat to keep the flies and the smell away from the customer. “Bear Grylls” gave it the tick of approval.

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