Crapa Snapa

On March 14, 2011, in Long Drops, by jason

Crapa Snapa

I made this toilet out of bits I had laying around the place and its mobile!!


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  1. Barry Fischer says:

    It would be great to see this one competeing in the Lawnmower Races , at the Magpie Madness motorcycle rally , at Winchester later this year.

  2. Wendy Collings says:

    Too bad it was a late entry, you got my vote! Glad to see you got a spot prize anyway, well deserved.

  3. nordicocam says:

    just as a regular biycycle it works best down hill . if you sold this the buyer would be getting a bum deal . haha . did you initiate this with a bottle of dump perignon ?

  4. nordicocam says:

    Love Nz sense of humour, real people down to earth. with deep sense of humour and much more
    i should have been born in NZ

  5. nordicocam says:

    long drop trivia at Woodstoock frank zappa and Joe cocker participated in a gross out contest. one of them dumped on the stage and the other ate it . well i must have been a short drop sorry but related.

  6. nordicocam says:

    god this is the last comment people if you were on the space station and were near the upper atmosphere and had to dump it burn up on entry but still be the longest dump. or if you were just outside of a black hole lol point of no return zone then would sureley be the longest dump

  7. nordicocam says:

    P S no more comments lol no kidding one of my codes was john lol

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