Backyard Bliss

On March 7, 2011, in Long Drops, by jason

 Backyard Bliss

Complete with a tarpaulin fence (for ulitmate privacy), a gazebo (for rain protection) and a sink.


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  1. joh says:

    good use of the recycle bin!

  2. aussiekiwi says:

    This one ticks all the right boxes in my book…privacy,shelter,spaciousness,and a SINK!! I just spent up big getting a basin installed next to our loo at home, a difficult task in a very confined space…so totally appreciate the thoughtfulness of your design. A small mirror nailed to the post might cap this off perfectly? Well done, keep it up! You are in our thoughts Christchurch…love from Qld.

  3. wwanda says:

    Great use of the recycle bin, well done!

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