Flip Top Bog

On March 14, 2011, in Long Drops, by jason

Flip Top Bog

Being on a shared section visible from the road, the indoors unit was the only real option for retaining any sort of dignity – this being simple, ready, and kind of familiar in style to the real thing – an example of “disaster minimalism” perhaps. The main problem, without power for the bathroom fan, well, you can guess. On the second night I rigged up a 12V battery to the bathroom fan – up there in importance with lighting. This photo taken seconds before the first use – I had the rectal fortitude to run off and get the camera before anything else did. The bin has now been retired. Unfortunately, although there was no bag leakage, even after a night soaking in bleach the plastic bin part retained a strong ‘aroma’ (I would say distinctive, but it really was quite “stinktive”) so won’t be going back into the kitchen.


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